Best Diet Tips Arthritis Patients Must Follow

Arthritis is a painful condition that causes lot of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints making it hard for a person to do simple tasks like moving, walking, standing etc. Several people struggle in doing even the simplest tasks such as opening a jar. This disease can affect anyone at anytime, no matter what your age is.

Although there is no diet that could help in curing arthritis yet by making some changes in your diet, you can manage its pain. Firstly, you need to understand that the most vital link between arthritis and diet is your body weight. If you are overweight then it could add extra burden on your joints and increase inflammation making it more painful experience for you. To get rid of it, you should check out Idietitian’s diet for Arthritis patients.

Here are some diets that can help you in fighting against the potential side effects of Arthritis medication and lead a better life.

Weight loss

Are you overweight? If yes, then you need to lose some weight for reducing the strain on your joints. You can do so by eating the right diet and doing some minor exercises. It is necessary to create a balance between the food you intake and the energy you burn. You should reduce your calorie intake to create this balance and below mentioned tips will help you in doing so:

Cut down on fat

Mostly people consume more fat than they require but it is not right. Fat contains double amount of calories as the same weight of protein or starch. So if you are serious about losing weight then you must reduce your fat intake and follow best diet for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

diet tips for arthritis patients infographic

Reduce sugar intake

Sugar does not add any value to your food as it only contains calories so by cutting sugar, you won’t lose any nourishment. Prefer using dry fruits such as raisins for sweetening puddings and cereals rather than using artificial sweeteners and sugar. But do not consume way too many dried fruits as they are also high in calories.

Eat more fruit and vegetables

It has been widely recommended to have at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily as they provide all important nutrients necessary for maintaining good health. The antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables can protect your joints whipping off chemicals responsible for inflammation.


Calcium plays a crucial role when it comes to maintaining healthy bones. Calcium deficiency can enhance risk of osteoporosis which is quite harmful for women after menopause. People suffering with arthritis also have high risk of developing osteoporosis. So you must include foods rich in calcium in your diet. Some of the best sources of calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, sardines and varieties of milk made from oats, rice or soya.


Many people suffering from arthritis are anemic and Iron plays a vital role in preventing anemia. You can add leafy vegetables such as watercress, kale, spinach, pulses, salmon sardines and red meat in your diet as they are good sources of iron.

Make sure to never have tea with your meal as it reduces iron absorbing power of our body. Instead you can have fruit juice rich in vitamin C as it helps in absorbing more iron.

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