A Guide For A Healthy Life

Healthy diet is the basic building block of a healthy life. Healthy diet includes many healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and other nutrition rich food. Healthy diet keeps you fit and disease free. It is not always true that healthy diet is tasteless; you can make it tasty by following various diet recipes. Healthy diet should contain the following ingredients:

Grains: The grain rich foods are bread, cereal, rice and pasta. You can have all three grains together like one slice of bread, 1 cup (ready to eat) cereals, ½ cup of rice or pasta. You can also add baked goods to your food like donuts and muffins.

Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables usually contain very low fat that is very beneficial for your health. Fruits and vegetables additionally give lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals that are necessary for your body system to work throughout the day. Besides giving such benefits, fruits and vegetables also add extra flavor to the healthy food. You can intake good quantity of fruits and vegetables in your salad, steamed or fresh. Avoid eating high-calorie food like butter, mozzarella etc. The healthy quantity is ½ cup vegetables and ½ cup fruits either raw or cooked.

fruits and vegetables

Some dairy products like milk or yogurt: You need to be very careful while choosing dairy products. Choose the product with low fats like milk or cheese. Replace sour cream with yogurt where possible, as it gives same taste but more healthy. 1 cup of milk or 50 grams of cheeses or 1 cup of yogurt is an appropriate amount that one should take.

Poultry products: To prepare a healthy diet, bake beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry or fish, remove the fats that you can see, before cooking and season the plate with herbs, spices etc. Intake 50-75 grams of meat, fish or other poultry product. Some other foods without animal fats include dried beans, lentils and peanut butter that provide proteins. These foods also lower down the level of cholesterol. You can eat ½ cup beans or 1 spoon of peanut butter.

Some amount of fats, oils and sweets: Do not skip out any of the food that comes under balanced diet. We cannot avoid eating fats and oils as they are also necessary for our body. It’s advisable to include some of their amount in your healthy diet plan.

While eating a healthy diet, make sure about the amount of calories you are taking. You must also know how much more or less you need for a proper body work as per the age and sex. Go with your brain not stomach. If you feel you are hungry but your stomach cannot allow more food to enter, leave the plate. Wait for 20 minutes and after that if you feel that you are hungry then you can eat that remaining food else not. Eating less or eating more, both are bad. Proper eating is must for a good health.

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