8 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight, Despite a Healthy Diet

Many of us have been through a phase where all the efforts (dieting) towards losing weight lead nowhere. You’ve been addicted to eating healthy all the time but still not able to get rid of that excess fat. Ever wondered why? A lot needs to be managed to carve a new you from a baggage of piled up kilos. You can’t just leave everything on healthy food and wait for the weight loss to happen miraculously! You gotta invest some time in other activities that will help you reach your goal! Take care of these and you are sure to make it work!

Quantity Matters

We have all heard of certain healthy food items like fruits and celery being on the top of the list. You might agree that once we are all into the healthy diet thing, we tend to gorge on everything that has a tag of healthy on it. Juice is one thing that is often misused for this purpose. All the fiber is removed off the fruit when we juice it and we eat more fruits in the liquid or smoothie form. Instead you could opt for online special weight loss programs that will keep a check on the quantity you consume!

Don’t Rush or Skip Meals

Don’t Rush or Skip Meals

Breakfast, the first meal you have after 8 hours of fasting and should never be missed. Studies show that having a healthy and nutritious breakfast helps in weight loss. People who skip it are often overweight as they will eat unhealthy stuff during their hunger pangs throughout the day. Another thing you need to follow is that you need to chew your food properly. Gulping it down will increase your chances of overeating!

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Exercise has its own importance in managing a healthy weight. You don’t always have to indulge in a heavy cardio, a walk can also help you. Keep a track of your steps through any health app and burn calories on the go! You can keep a goal for yourself, try to complete 10,000 steps a day to lose weight. This will also help you maintain a healthy metabolic rate which is of utmost importance in maintaining a healthy weight!

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Hormonal Harmony

Hormonal Harmony

Losing weight can be very tough despite all your efforts, the reason could be your hormonal imbalance or any disease! For people suffering from hypothyroidism, a disorder of the thyroid gland have an imbalance in metabolic rate and you end up getting fat. They have to go on special diet to maintain a healthy weight. Hormonal imbalance can also lead to weight gain that too also at rocket high speed. Get yourself checked for such conditions and work accordingly.

Check Your Gut

Studies prove that your gut has a role to play in maintaining your weight. And bacteria in our gut can either help us walk towards health or just the opposite. These bacteria are related to a lot of things, like the type of delivery through which we were born or what we eat, etc. You gotta include foods with probiotics to keep the right bacteria in your gut that will keep your metabolism moving!

Get Some Sleep

Get Some Sleep

Not only food will determine your health but your sleep has a pivotal role to play in it! Both the quantity and quality of sleep is equally important. Some people feel tired even after a 7-8 hour sleep, they might want to check with a doctor to see if they have a sound sleep or not. People who have a disturbed sleep have cravings for carb rich food that will lead to weight gain! So hit the sack at the right time and stay healthy!

Review Medications

Review Medications

Certain medicines have a negative impact on your body weight. You might gain weight while you are on some medicines. If possible eliminate them or replace them with substitutes that don’t have a similar effect. If that is not an option step up your efforts in maintaining the right diet and exercise.

Lessen Stress Levels

Lessen Stress Levels

Our body secretes certain hormones while we are stressed and these hormones can take a toll on our health. You might have heard that stressed people are often thinner but it totally depends on the hormones that you secrete during your stressed phase! You need to tone down your stress levels to lose weight. As it is stress is not fun, so chuck it out of your life and slim down!

We hope you have got the reason why you are unable to lose weight despite so many efforts. Take a look at these basic fundas and give them a try. You might just end up a lot healthier and slim with these slight changes! Fast weight reduction diet plan  may prove useful in attaining the right weight and also help you get rid of your diet myths!

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