7 Health Complications Of Diabetes That You Should Know

Diabetes is a group of diseases caused by high blood sugar levels which cause a defect in the body’s ability to produce insulin. Diabetes can be delayed or prevented with the correct treatment and lifestyle changes. There are some health complications of diabetes you must know.


Affects Kidneys: This can be detected if you see swelling in your legs and feet or around your eyes. If you have high BP then your chances of developing this is slightly higher. If diabetes is not controlled then it can cause kidney stroke and failure.

Hair Loss

hair loss

Diabetes affects the body’s circulatory system. The hair follicles die if diabetes is causing poor blood circulation to the scalp which results in hair loss. The poor blood circulation might prevent further hair growth.

Gum Diseases: Uncontrolled diabetes can cause gum diseases. If you are diabetic it puts you at higher risk for gum diseases. Symptoms for gum diseases can be easily noticed if your gums get red and swollen and bleed easily.

Affects Heart

Human heart Diabetes can affect your heart in many ways. If you are a smoker, have high BP or you are overweight or maybe if you have a family history of diabetes then you have a greater risk of diabetes affecting your heart resulting in heart diseases and strokes.

Effect on Nerves: Diabetes can also affect nerves if not controlled. It can affect nerves that control your heartbeat, BP, digestion which leads to vision changes, dizziness, loss of bladder control etc.

Affects Eyes

affects eyes

Blurred vision and double vision are the early symptoms of eye problems due to diabetes. Diabetes can cause cataract and glaucoma. Moreover, it can also cause a severe or permanent loss of vision.

Skin Problems: Diabetes can result in developing sores and infections in your feet and skin. If it continues for a long time then your toes, foot or leg may need to be amputated. Pain and itching is also caused in your legs, feet due to the infection.

To reduce the problems caused by diabetes, you should definitely adopt a diabetes diet recipe for weight loss that will not only help you to lose weight but will also control your diabetes problems.

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