6 Reasons Almonds Could Become Your Weight Loss Mentor

For those who think that feeding on nuts is a crazy idea, when trying to lose weight; here’s a piece of information- we are not nuts to tell you to feed on nuts. We are only telling you to incorporate almonds in your weight loss diet, as it is proven to be effective. Believe it or not, almonds could help your shed the useless flesh on your body providing the healthy fat that does not lead to weight gain, given that you don’t eat more than a fistful.

Almonds, can indeed, become your weight loss mentor. What needs to be taken care of is the fact, that you eat them raw, and get the best quality almonds (the oils are not extracted already, and no additives or salt is added). Consult with a nutritionist, to know how you could include almonds in your personal weight loss plans; and bet he’ll do so easily. Given below are the reasons why-


Low Calories: Contrary to popular perceptions, almonds are not too high on calories. To give you an idea, 10 almonds contain not more than 70-80 calories. And affording to have these many calories to have a satiating effect is not bad at all, once in between full meals. Almonds contain oleic oil which are known to cut down hunger real quick.

Good Fats: Almonds contains mono-saturated fats, which are considered to be good fats, and essential to be consumed for optimum health. Almonds are rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega ( fatty acids. Unlike trans fat which can cause chronic heart diseases, these fats are healthy and actually counter these bad health effects. Also it leads to stabilizing blood sugar levels and prevents bad cholesterol building up in the arteries.

Contains Fibre: Remove the shell, but don’t remove the skin of almonds. These contain healthy dietary fibre. It is therefore noted that consumption of almonds also help in good digestion and bowel movement. Almonds are most often a special part of weight loss diet plan for women, for the reason that during menstruation, snacking on almonds provides much needed energy without leading to any acidity or bloating which happen during these days.

Best Snacks: Almonds are an easy snack. Almonds are satiating. Almonds don’t lead to weight gain. Taking from the above mentioned points, almonds are undoubtedly a great mid-meal snack. Almonds, are also preferred snacks during weight loss process, because they can be eaten raw, and thus the most quick way to stop any further craving. Just eat a fistful and lay to rest the thoughts of other calorie loaded snacks.


Reduces Belly Fat: Almonds, can be the magic food you long wanted to lose that belly tyres. Being high in proteins, they lead to the development of lean muscles. The mono-saturated fats in almonds work on the abdominal region and thus helps in reducing fat in the belly area.

Full Of Nutrients: Leave everything else; losing weight does not mean to starve yourself and so almonds come in rescue. These are nutrient loaded. Apart from being high in fibre and protein content, almonds are also a store house of Vitamin E, which is an excellent anti oxidant. They also contain magnesium, which helps in building muscle mass when you workout.

So, almonds may not be fat burning, but they are not fattening either. Almonds may not be the most significant component of any quick weight loss diet plans, but they sure are a part of a healthy lifestyle diet to help discard other unhealthy alternatives.

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