6 Healthy Foods To Avoid

Healthy eating is all the hype now and to most it seems like taking a stroll in a park. Little do they know, its actually more like balancing feet in sand with a layer of mines hiding below! Scary isn't it? Healthy diet is not scary but the difficulty level of both the things coincide to minute details! You may think that we are exaggerating things, you have been eating healthy for long. Maybe you would want to give a second thought to this statement. You might be eating stuff that are disguised as healthy and trap you! All the foods you thought were healthy, were actually buckets full of calories and that’s how you’ve not achieved your goal of weight loss. Online special weight loss programs may prove to be of help in knowing the health stored in foods. We have compiled a list of foods that may seem healthy but are not and you gotta try and not fall in the health trap!



You thought you could thrive on its goodness for your weight loss, didn't you? But the smoothies you grab from your favorite cafe on your way to work is causing you to overeat. Shocking, we know but those bottles are packed with sugar and high calories. They aren't too fulfilling as well. Instead prepare your own creamy treat using veggies, fruits and nuts for their minerals and vitamins.

Multi-Grain Bread


You can’t deny that you have blindly followed the norm stating multi-grain bread to be a healthy option. If you give it thought, who said those grains used in it are whole grains? We guess nobody, so what’s so healthy about it? Refined grains won’t do much for your weight loss, you need whole grains. Make it a point to check labels for whole grains before you stretch out for this healthy bread!

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Flavored Instant Oatmeal

Flavored Instant Oatmeal

Oats have topped the list of items we consider healthy and then suddenly this, shocking! A packet of oats you are having for your breakfast is adding 3 spoons of sugar to your diet and you didn't realize that, did you? Instead opt for an overnight home made version of oats that you can eat in the morning. It’ll save you on sugar and excess calories!

Bottled Salad Dressing

Bottled Salad Dressing

Salads are healthy, the norm we’ve been following for years. But the dressing you add to your salad may make all the difference and you end up consuming more calories than you would have ever thought of! Those dressings that you bought off from the supermarket, sitting on your counter is full of salt, oil and sweeteners. Instead make you own dressing with Dijon mustard, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and some herbs!



The poor fish was never thought of as an enemy of weight loss. But some varieties can fill you with as much as 500 calories, that’s got you off from your trance! A roll may have a cup of white rice that’s refined carbs, totally not needed in a weight loss plan. Go for alternatives with brown rice, more veggies and less of sauce to keep the calorie count low!

Light Frozen Dinners

Light Frozen Dinners

 Certainly they are light in calories but all the low calorie food is not healthy! Since they have less of whole grains and veggies, they do little to satisfy you. You don’t feel full and crave for more food. Sounds like a hurdle in your journey towards weight loss! You could rather do with a bit of cooking. Prepare yourself a meal replete with veggies and lean protein for better health!

You were indulging in more than one of these ‘healthy’ foods, weren't you? Well, now you know it isn't that good a deal to devour in these dishes. You need a well structured plan to get you to your goal of weight loss. Sign up for our 2 month weight loss plan and get a detailed chart of foods that will actually work towards your aim!

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