5 Diet Fails You’re Probably Making

Sometimes none of our efforts show results. Disheartened, we give up and start on crying over our ill fate. At such times, it is hard for us to contemplate on what probably could have failed us in our efforts. However, when get past the whining and complaining, it doesn’t take long to figure out that a small loop-hole which we skipped noticing, ruined all our earnest labor. Something of the sorts might happen while you are determined to pull off a strict weight-loss regime. To save you from the hindsight regrets, here is a list of 5 common mistakes most people make while on a weight loss diet plan. Take a look:

1. Counting every single calorie:


Counting calorie intake is the first step of every diet plan aimed at weight loss. However, undermining the importance of diet quality in the process, could be hazardous. Thus, you should aim at a diet that is nutritious and at the same time promotes fast calorie burn. For example, a low carb, low glycemic diet is observed to help burn calories faster than a low fat, high carb diet.

2. You exercise too much:


Workouts alone cannot help in reducing weight. Much more important to note is the fact that exercising is but a minor part of any dieting regime aiming towards weight loss. 80% of your focus should be on the nutritional needs and only 20% on exercise. If you are exercising 6 times a day, you might land up in the hospital because of draining out all the energy and glucose. Excess of exercising only results in weakness or unhealthy shredding of a few pounds.

3. You never snack:

Healthy Snack

For a balanced metabolic rate, you need to recharge your batteries at regular intervals. Giving long gaps in between meals can slow down your metabolism, and thus stagnate the weight loss process. Eating less will not happen when you starve yourself; you will probably end up eating more because of extreme hunger. So eat more often, but in smaller potions. Having 5 meals instead of 3 can do the trick for you.

4. Not consuming much water:

Pensive blond woman drinking water in her kitchen

Drinking water can control your appetite. Drinking water will also help reduce the intake of other liquid calories in the form of alcohol, shakes, coffee, sodas etc. So if you are not in a habit of consuming water in large quantities you are making one big mistake. A study tells that drinking 2 glasses of water a little before your meal could help you reduce the intake of 90 crucial calories. Any other zero calorie alternative you think you can find? It is for not for any lame reason water is known as the wonder liquid.

5. Always eating the same foods:


When on a calorie-restricted diet, the cravings may become stronger than ever before. Having the same food every single day could raise hell in your stomach, and an urge to pamper your taste buds will seem uncontrollable. Often people who are made to follow a diet plan restricted to a very few options, end up being the first ones to break it. This is the reason why people on such diets fail to lose much weight while others who could eat any kind of food do. The key is to experiment with a variety of healthy food options like fruits and other supplements and keep altering the diet after a week or two.

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