12 Resolutions For A Healthier You

Is losing weight your New Year resolution? Then this one is definitely for you. What is the plan people? “I will get slimmer and healthier in 2017”, is it enough to get you on track? Where is the plan? Shedding weight and moving towards a healthier life is a long journey that needs small stops to be accomplished. The twelve months of the one year long journey are the stops where you will be checking your progress and these are the targets itself that you will be achieving to head to the final agenda of weight loss.

We have come up with a twelve month guide, one resolution per month to achieve the final target of weight loss. These small monthly changes will peel off the excess kilos from your belly and turn you into a slimmer version of yourself. Check out the baby steps you’ll be taking to shed weight in a relaxed manner!

January: Have Wholesome Breakfast

 Have Wholesome Breakfast

Starting the day with the right breakfast is the first step towards weight loss. A healthy breakfast is time consuming affair and you often just skip it in your hurry to reach for work. This thinking can go now. Check for online low fat weight loss recipes and make breakfast healthy without going for a bowl of cornflakes and oats!

February: Eat Many Small Meals

February: Eat Many Small Meals

This is not in contradiction to your weight loss regime rather is in favor of it. Don’t see how many meals you are having, focus on the fact that you will be controlling portion sizes of your meals. Plan your daily diet like, a breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, tea and snack, dinner, snack before bedtime. Having healthy meals frequently will reduce your cravings and help keep calories in check!

March: Eat Balanced Meals

March: Eat Balanced MealsYour plate should have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. Yes, you need fat for a healthy functioning of the body but it should be healthy fat only. Focusing on just one nutrient will create deficiency of another and that is certainly not a good idea. If you find it hard to handle a complete plate, take time to inculcate it in your diet, but do it!

April: Drink Enough Water

April: Drink Enough Water

Water is life and thus is a must to improve your heavy life! Many a times we mistake thirst for hunger and end up munching. This is a major reason for weight gain. So make it a point to drink enough water and in fact whenever you feel hungry have a glass of water. Chances are that your hunger will go away as it was just thirst disguised as hunger!

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May: Replace Unhealthy Foods

May: Replace Unhealthy Foods

We all have unhealthy snacks at our home crouching in kitchen cupboards and bedroom drawers. Cookies, chocolates, wafers, chips and the list goes on. This month you’ll have to get on a cleaning mission and get rid of all such snacks. Replace them with healthy stuff to keep your waist size in check!

June: Include Good Oils

June: Include Good Oils

Its time to chuck out mayo and sauces from your kitchen cabinet. Bring in good oils like olive oil and fish oil. They will provide you with good fat which helps you feel fuller. Thus you tend to munch less and your overall weight reduces. Ingesting fats for weight loss, strange but workable! Low fat diet recipes for weight loss can help you here.

July: Get Moving

July: Get Moving

This is the month when your physical activity will have to be stepped up. Spending hours in the gym is not important rather you can look for small ways to get some exercise in your day. As simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or cycling to work instead of taking out the car can do the trick! Though gym sessions are not bad at all!

August: More Home Cooked Meals

More Home Cooked Meals

Why is it important? Because when you cook for yourself you have a good idea of what is going into that food and how bad it is for you. Therefore you will be extra vigilant about the ingredients and the quantity of food you are ingesting. Also home cooked food will be cleaner. It might be tough in the beginning but later it will become a habit!

September: Maintain A Food Diary

September: Maintain A Food Diary

Now that you are already on your way, we could track down your daily progress. Maintain a journal stating what all you had for the day. This will give you an impression of how many calories and in what form you have ingested them. Thus you can easily track down your progress and move further in the positive direction.

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October: Increase Fiber Intake

Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is a thing that fills you up, doesn't get digested and passes out of your body later. Now that’s a food totally needed by people like us craving weight loss! But you aren't overdoing it! As discussed above, you need a balanced diet and not binge eating of just one thing. Include this magic food in your diet and you are on the road to weight loss!

November: Stand More

Stand More

The modern society has increased the habit of sitting in us and that is not doing much good to our weight. Sitting is the root cause of many health issues and a healthy body is not only thin but is free from diseases first. It is time that we try to include standing in our routine. You can stand and work at your desk for some time or stand up during commercial break of your favorite TV serial, it will help!

December: Sleep Well

December: Sleep Well

In the fast paced world of today, most of us are sleep deprived and that is playing havoc with our health. So you will now have to make sure to sleep well for a good 7 hours so that your body can rejuvenate. A well rested body is the body that will take pains of exercising, eating good food and will thus be slimmer!

Welcome 2017 with open arms and take a resolution with it to lose weight using these small steps. If you want to go a step further, sign up for online weight loss packages and watch how you change significantly!

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