Month: September 2017

Fresh Tomatoes and Grilled Scallions Pasta

Ever thought of calling pasta a healthy food? Yes with us now you can have a healthy pasta for your breakfast and snacks. Pasta if paired with some fresh vegetables makes it a healthy snack. So now you will not have to compromise with the taste for your health. Let’s scroll down to see how? … Continue reading "Fresh Tomatoes and Grilled Scallions Pasta"

Diet in crunch

Diet and crunch together? Is this possible because every crunch we believe makes us gain calories? Crunchy chips, crunchy chocolates but what about crunchy salad? Crunchy salad will for sure help us go going without extra calories. Yes! You can plan a diet with a crunchy salad. See the recipe and fill your diet with … Continue reading "Diet in crunch"

Healthy Soup With Roasted Tomatoes and Vegetables

It’s a nutritional soup with all the healthy ingredients to keep you active and strong. Preparation time: 30 Mins Ready – 55 Mins Ingredients Olive oil – 1 tablespoon Chopped medium onion- 1 Sliced celery – 1 Chopped medium carrot – 1 Minced garlic – 2 cloves Chicken broth – 3 cans Roasted diced tomatoes … Continue reading "Healthy Soup With Roasted Tomatoes and Vegetables"

Enticing Apple Tart

Surely the apple is the noblest of all the fruits and when it comes to health it is a renowned saying that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctors away. Eating an apple in the old conventional way can be boring and you might give up on apples. So, for those who want to fix … Continue reading "Enticing Apple Tart"

How to Prepare a Healthy Nugget Upma

Take a break from your old boring breakfast and make some subtle changes to have a combination of both healthy and a delicious breakfast. Serve health every morning to yourself and to your family with this amazing and super healthy nuggets upma, we are sure you’ll fall in love with it. Preparation time: 5 minutes … Continue reading "How to Prepare a Healthy Nugget Upma"

Coconut water, a magic potion!

Coconut water seems to be a magic potion as it solves all your problems, be it your skin issue, hair issue, health issues etc. Here is the solution to all, coconut water! HEALTH BENEFITS OF COCONUT WATER Promotes cardiovascular health Studies have shown that coconut water lessens the risk of heart attack and hypertension. So … Continue reading "Coconut water, a magic potion!"

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