Month: March 2016

Vegan Strawberry Fudgsicles To Satisfy Chocolate Cravings

Try this ultimate strawberry fudgsicles recipe if you failing in your attempts of losing weight due to your cravings for chocolate. Ingredients: 8 sliced strawberries 1 banana 1/4 cup raw and unsalted cashews 1 cup chocolate soy milk Directions: Take all ingredients other that strawberries and blend them in a blender. Now take popsicle molds … Continue reading "Vegan Strawberry Fudgsicles To Satisfy Chocolate Cravings"

Best Diet Tips Arthritis Patients Must Follow

Arthritis is a painful condition that causes lot of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints making it hard for a person to do simple tasks like moving, walking, standing etc. Several people struggle in doing even the simplest tasks such as opening a jar. This disease can affect anyone at anytime, no matter what … Continue reading "Best Diet Tips Arthritis Patients Must Follow"

Peach And Mango Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss

Many people love smoothies including me but giving them up for losing weight doesn’t seem to be so easy. Well, if you are like me then don’t worry as I have listed here a very easy and mouth watering recipe of peach and mango smoothie that could also assist you in losing weight by keeping … Continue reading "Peach And Mango Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss"

Moong Dal and Carrot Soup Recipe

Moong Dal and Carrot Soup Recipe Mong dal and carrot soup is indeed one of the best soups if you want to lose weight. It is a great change for your palate and the best part is that low fat milk in soup does not add any cholesterol to your diet. Now lets get started … Continue reading "Moong Dal and Carrot Soup Recipe"

All You Need To Know About Organic Food

Everyone wants to live a healthier life. But are you ready to make a commitment to healthy eating for making your wish come true? Well, recently the trend of organic food is increasing at a fast pace as people consider it a better alternative than normal food. But is this really true? What does organic … Continue reading "All You Need To Know About Organic Food"

Curd Shorba Recipe

Ingredients: 1/4 cup low fat milk 1/4 cup chopped cucumber 3 cup low fat curd 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes 1/2 tbsp grated ginger 1/4 cup finely chopped onions 2 tbsp chopped green chillies 2 tbsp low fat butter or oil 1 tbsp cumin seeds 4 tbsp besan 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder Salt to taste Directions: … Continue reading "Curd Shorba Recipe"

Low-Cal Fruit Sandesh For Weight Loss

Have you heard about Sandesh? It is a Bengali sweet made of chenna or resh paneer and is flavored in several ways. Sandesh is a classic Bengali sweet made with fresh paneer or chenna which is often flavoured in a variety of ways. Here I am going to tell you about a fascinating combination of … Continue reading "Low-Cal Fruit Sandesh For Weight Loss"

Tasty Hummus And Roasted Veggie Pizza For Lunch

Ingredients: Hummus Handful of veggies like tomato, spinach and zucchini 1 soft tortilla shell 1 minced garlic clove 1tbsp olive oil Crumbled cheese Salt and pepper for taste Directions: 1. Take all chopped veggies and roast them for at least 20 minutes at 350°F along with pepper, salt, garlic and olive oil. 2. Now, top … Continue reading "Tasty Hummus And Roasted Veggie Pizza For Lunch"

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