Month: April 2013

Adapt a Healthy Living and Fight with Child Obesity

Obesity has become an epidemic nowadays. Due to the changing lifestyle, there is an increase in the number of obese people around us. Not only the adults but the teenagers are also fighting with the same problem. As a consequence of unhealthy eating habits, children are finding it difficult to maintain their weight. Due to … Continue reading "Adapt a Healthy Living and Fight with Child Obesity"

Tips to Shed Extra Kilos during Vacations

Vacations are the time when we are free from all kinds of stress and are in a mood of gratification. This is the time when we visit new places, meet our friends and relatives after a long span. It is the time of celebration and the best way considered to rejoice togetherness is by food. … Continue reading "Tips to Shed Extra Kilos during Vacations"

Water: The Natural Method for Weight Loss in Summers

Summer season is considered to be the time for parties, fun and vacations. With the unlimited fun, there are unavoidable calories that go down our system during this season. Before we realize it, we put on heaps of weight. However, it becomes natural that people then consider weight loss as the main goal. There are … Continue reading "Water: The Natural Method for Weight Loss in Summers"

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