Month: February 2013

Trio of Granitas

ingredients: pomegranate juice 750ml Orange juice 750ml Kivi pulp 750ml   Directions: Pour each of fruit juice in 3 seperate containers and freeze overnight.Scrape mixture using fork,into shavings and place isn glasses.Freeze again for 30 minutes and serve.

Melon and Chilli Soup

Ingredients: Musk melon 2.5kg Green chilli 6 Salt to taste Pepper to taste Lemon juice 6tsp Jalapeno 30gm,chopped and fried     Directions: Roughly dice melon and blend.Stir in chilli in 2 and add to mixture.Add lemon,season with salt and pepper and refrigerate,for around 2-3 hours. When serving,garnish with some fried jalapenos and basil seeds.

Tomato and Melon Salad

Ingredients: Melon 1/2 cut into small chunks Cucumber peeled and chopped to squared chunks tomatoes 3, chopped Mint 1/2 bunch,roughly chopped Coriander 1/2 bunch,roughly chopped Olive oil 1 tbsp Mint sauce 1/4tsp   Directions: Gently combine melon,cucumber,tomatoes and herbs in large salad bowl.Mix the olive oil and mint sauce with some seasoning ,then pour in … Continue reading "Tomato and Melon Salad"

Lemon and Coriander Hummus

Ingredients: Chickpeas 800gm,boiled Garlic cloves 2, chopped Yogurt 3tbsp Tahini 3 tbsp Extra virgin oil 3 tbsp Zest and juice of 2 lemons Coriander 20gm   Directions: Put everything but not coriander into food processor then whiz to a fairly smooth mix.Scrape down the sides of processor if you need.Season hummus generously,then add the coriander … Continue reading "Lemon and Coriander Hummus"

Chilled Raw Mango Soup

Ingredients: Raw mango 400gm Black Salt 1/2 tsp mint leaves 10-12 Sugar 12gm Water 500ml Salt & pepper to taste cumin powder a pinch raw mango slices to garnish Directions: Roast raw mango in oven until soft.Peel skin,remove the pith,cut mango into cubes and keep a side. Place the mango into the food processor with … Continue reading "Chilled Raw Mango Soup"

Dal ka Shorba

Ingredients: 1 cup tur dal 1/2 cup red masoor dal 2 tsp turmeric powder 4 tsp olive oil 1 tsp asafoetida (hing) 2 tsp mustard seed 1 dried red chilli,broken in half 4-5 curry leaves 1/2 cup onion,sliced 12 garlic cloves,sliced 2tbsp madras curry powder 3 tbsp tamarind paste 4 tbsp coriander leaves,chopped to garnish … Continue reading "Dal ka Shorba"

Asparagus Soup

Ingredients: 20 ml olive oil 30gm onion, chopped 50 gm leek,chopped 2 tsp garlic, chopped 200gm asparagus,cut in small 3cm pcs 100ml vegetable stock Salt & pepper as per taste Directions: Heat olive oil in a pan and add onion,leek,garlic and asparagus.Saute on low heat until everything starts to sweet.Add vegetable stock and cook until … Continue reading "Asparagus Soup"

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